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Energy Providers Feel The Heat As Copper Wire Thefts Soar

Monday July 7, 2008
STEALING from electricity providers has become one of the fastest-growing forms of theft in NSW. The soaring price of copper is enticing thieves into increasingly brazen and foolhardy acts in their quest for electrical wire.

Sacked, Then Run Out Of Town

Sunday May 29, 2005
THE image that Jim McBride cannot banish from his mind is that of a skinny, 18-year-old boy hanging from a tree by a piece of fencing wire.

Lindsay Curtis Am

Saturday June 3, 2000
Lindsay Curtis AM Lawyer 1928 - 2000 From his childhood on a Victorian dairy farm, Professor Lindsay Curtis developed a practical intelligence. It was more than a simple country conviction that most things can be fixed with a piece of fencing wire. Curtis, who has died aged 72, had a sharp

Hot Ideas Make Best Of A Cold Lot

Wednesday September 30, 1998
It is said that adversity brings out the best in Australians, that when pressed we can mend a space rocket with fencing wire. Victorians are pressed now and the gas crisis is bringing out some novel solutions from people who regard a hot running shower as a national birthright. Since filling i

Fencing Puts Fear In Motorcyclists

Saturday February 28, 1998
STEEL cable catch fencing designed to stop out-of-control cars and trucks from crossing highway median strips will kill motorcycle riders, a NSW Motorcycle Council representative has warned. Mr Max Cameron, from Fullerton Cove, said the metre-high fencing now being erected in some areas of the

Bikers Fear 'deadly' Fencing

Saturday January 27, 1996
The NSW Motorcycle Council has called for the banning of "deadly" traffic lane dividers called Brifen fencing because they may decapitate riders, or amputate their limbs. Brifen fencing is made of thick strands of wire strung between metal posts, designed to prevent head-on collisions b

Cox Touches Lightly With Water And Wire

Friday September 24, 1993
PHILIP Cox is standing in his socks in front of the boots cabinet on the Olympics site at Homebush Bay. Workers are milling around the nearby canteen, smoking and taking tea before clocking on for the day, and a foreman unlocks the cabinet. Inside are large, thick rubber galoshes with shoe sizes

Dreaming Of Emus, Pelicans - And A Station Wagon

Sunday April 11, 1993
His hands are the hands of a laborer, thick and strong. The materials he works with are corrugated iron and barbed wire. Does he cut himself? ``Heaps," says Dan Murphy, grinning. He doesn't have a name for what he does. He doesn't think it is sculpture; sculptors, to him, are people who work

The El Al Tragedy: It Can Happen Here

Tuesday October 6, 1992
SIR: The tragedy at Amsterdam was not caused by some fly-by-night operator in an aircraft held together with bits of twisted fencing wire (and I have flown in one which was |) - it was a modern Jumbo operated by one of the safest and best-run airlines in the world. If it can happen to El Al, it

Fencing Plan Absurd, Say Golfers

Thursday December 19, 1991
Fencing around the NSW coastline? A bizarre suggestion perhaps, but safety fences may have to be erected on the cliffs surrounding the public land at the Bondi Golf Club. The fences are a condition set by the NSW Metropolitan Lands Office in a new lease for the four-hectare golf course bei

Artists With Red-hot Fencing Wire

Thursday February 1, 1990
THE lands of the Ngaanyatjarra Aborigines lie within the heart of the Great Western Desert, in some of Australia's most desolate and forbidding country. Their culture springs from a nomadic ancestry. In their country game is scarce and, not surprisingly, their art is not endowed with a pro

Good Vibrations: They're Really Meant To Turn Ewe On

Tuesday July 11, 1989
The isolation of many rural properties has long forced the nation's farmers and graziers to be innovative. Fencing wire, for instance, has been put to many a diverse use. But now scientists have surpassed even the most innovative cocky and added the football bladder and vibrator to the li

Qwi Wins Monopolies Case Against Bhp

Thursday February 9, 1989
BRISBANE: Queensland Wire Industries has won a landmark decision against BHP in the High Court under the monopolies provisions of the Trade Practices Act. QWI's legal adviser, Mr Don Davies, said Justice Pincus had found that "BHP had the necessary degree of market power and that it h

Fencing Monopoly Claim Against Bhp

Wednesday June 29, 1988
BRISBANE: The High Court has been asked to find that BHP breached the Trade Practices Act by taking advantage of its monopoly of the lucrative rural fencing market. The case centres on a length of steel called a y-bar which is the main component in a star picket fence post. BHP is the

Jail Hell Without End For A Tormented Black

Friday April 15, 1988
ANDREW Kiltie, a full-blood Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal, has cut, bruised or slashed almost every part of his body. His neck is criss-crossed from his attempts to cut his throat. His wrists show signs of being gouged, once with a piece of fencing wire. This man, who from all accounts is men

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